Start the year right

Being with my high school friends, Maggots, on the last weekend of Christmas break definitely was a period well-spent. Tricia’s family decided on celebrating her debut at Spring Ville Resort, Pansol, Calamba, Laguna. Three things made my heart leap in excitement when she invited me:

  1. It is a Hawaiian-themed pool party.
  2. We’ll be staying overnight.
  3. It’s exclusively for the Maggots and her relatives.

Didn’t sound excited?


It was my first overnight swimming with them. Never was I allowed during high school. The only time I went to a resort with them was when we had our field trip at 8 Waves Waterpark, Bulacan. It was just for a few hours; It was nothing compared to THE overnight swim last January 4-5. I can’t help myself! Excuse me..


So, here’s what happened. We all agreed to meet in our Pambansang Hintayan (usual meeting place), 7-11, at four in the afternoon. But because of my curls and light make-up, we left a quarter before five. I’M REALLY SORRY! We rode a jeepney and a tricycle to be able to get there. I was quite uncomfortable while on our way. I haven’t seen them since my debut — which was three months ago — and haven’t really spoke to them for a year or less. They didn’t make me feel like an outcast, no. I just felt like I don’t belong anymore.. Like a needed a lot of catching up to do. Fortunately, the thought went away as soon as we got there and have changed our outfits. The following events can only described in one word: fun.

A short program was held. I was not informed that I was included on her list of 18 Candles so I gave her an impromptu message. I was touched when I saw her cry for the first time as her father and childhood friend gave their birthday wishes. Soon after dinner was served, the party lights and loud upbeat music were turned on. We took pictures. They drank. We chatted. The boys, Camille, Marvin, and Ardie dove into the pool. We went to our room and continued taking pictures and chatting.

At around nine in the evening, a half-expected, half-unexpected scenario happened. The boys ran upstairs, all wet, and demanded that we should go for a swim now. We refused and told them we’d go down in a while, but they didn’t listen. They carried Angela, the lightest among the girls, and cheered as they went out. Sheena [gf] and I both thought of closing the door. As soon as they left the room, I rushed to close it. But asdfghjkl, Lester [kapatid] saw me and hurriedly pushed the door on the other side as he shouted, “Let’s take Hya, too!” They went back and dragged me gently. I resisted but immediately gave up since the floor was wet. At least I could save myself from slipping and hitting the floor headfirst. I managed to hug a metal pole as soon as we reached the end of the stairway. Little did I know, Dondon and Carlos planned on running from behind. They hugged me and forcefully ran towards the middle of the pool. I shouted as we jumped and.. splash! There I was.. completely wet.. and still wearing my dress.

We had an exchange of I hate you’s and I’m sorry’s as we laughed and splashed water in each others’ faces. Thanks goodness the water was warm, or else I’d hit them with my pretty fists. Tired of climbing to the slide and playing around, I sat on the pool’s stairs located at the right. A couple of minutes later, we were all in that area. Carlos began to talk about Rhed. He was a bit drunk so we let him say everything he wanted to say. Everyone gave their opinions and suggestions while I just stared at his handsome face (Haha), deliberating his stories and how I should react. To my surprise, he looked at me. He stared at me for a while and spoke, “Hya, being the kindest of us all, I want to hear your side…” I admit, I was touched. I told him everything that’s running in my mind and he appreciated it. I sure hope he’d still remember it when he’s sober.

Then it was only Randy [kambal], Wencis [Raphael], and I left in that corner. We took turns in talking about anything: a throwback for 2013, cleared out what truly happened before, and shared about present happenings in our lives. That was the very first time I felt confident in telling them everything. You see, I was a “closed book” back in high school. I seldom told them how I feel and kept all of my problems bottled up. Of course, I took the chance to hear things from them as well. They are two of my best guy friends; I was all ears as they spoke. We were enjoying our small talk; we didn’t notice time passing by.

We went out of the pool at three in the morning. All laid in bed but not wanting to waste any moment, we blabbered about anything and everything. Anyone who tried to sleep had his/her hair pulled and waist tickled. We also went downstairs to devour what’s left of the buffet. Forgive us, we were all hungry from swimming and chatting all night. The last thing we did was to play Uno cards, where the loser must drink a cupful of Coke. I was lucky enough to get rid of my cards in every game.

When the sun rose and we heard splashes and voices of Tricia’s relatives, we decided to take naps. It was past six in the morning when I dozed off. Being a heavy sleeper, I was the last to wake up. Everyone’s walking to and fro, changing clothes and fixing their things. We bid our goodbyes at around ten. We rode a jeepney and a van, then Edlou [neighbor] walked me home (a usual setting I missed).

I opened the gate and I was back to reality. School starts tomorrow. I will return to my sister and I’s dormitory this afternoon. Stressful life is here to bug me once more. But at least, I started the year right.


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