“Do you want these? I hate olives.” -Robin

“I gotta do what that guy couldn’t; I gotta take the leap!” -Ted

“It’s gonna be legen– Wait for it.. And I hope you’re not lactose intolerant because the second half of that word is –dary! Legendary!” -Barney

“Because we’re bestfriends, alright?! …The way I see it, we’re a team! Without you, I’m.. just a dynamic uno.” -Barney

“I’d love to go back and be that person again; but you can’t move backwards. You can only move forward.” -Lily

“I didn’t want any of that to change, but that’s just not how life works.” -Ted

“Life is full of changes.. but the important stuff doesn’t change.” -Lily

“Life has plenty of good parts. It’s the rough parts that make you thankful you have people to share it with.” -Ted

“If you knew that you’re gonna lose your leg tomorrow, would you sit on the couch and cry about it? Or would you run, and jump, and do some awesome air kicks while you still could?” -Marshall

“When it’s after 2AM, just go to sleep.” -Ted

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