“But you’re right, James. It’s time to let go of the fantasies. It’s time to grow up.” -Barney

“High V!” -Ted as St. Valentine

“It would be pitch-black in the middle of the woods; I could never see anything in front of the headlights. But I always felt so safe.. coz my dad was driving… Now he’s just gone. It’s pitch-black. I can’t see where I’m going.” -Marshall

“Here’s a secret. I couldn’t see worth a d*mn either, buddy. I just kept driving forward, hoping for the best.” -Marshall’s Dad

“I have to go. I have a big, meaningless stack of paperwork that I have to get off my desk to make room for tomorrow’s big, meaningless stack of paperwork.” -Marshall

“Sometimes, things need to fall apart to make way for better things. I’m just saying, eggs are already broken. Just make sure we make a pretty good omelet out of it.” -Zoey

“Your heart’s talking to you, Barney. Do you have the guts to listen to it?” -Lily

“A magician never reveals his greatest trick.” -Jerry/Barney’s Dad

“If you end an argument with a rhyme, it’s convincing all the time.” -Marshall

“The future is scary, but you can’t just run back to the past because it’s familiar.” -Robin

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