God’s Blogs


“And then the things I made that thrill you and Me both… Music, Laughter, Friendship, Taste buds, What happens in the soul when lovers touch.”

“Contact Info: Just call Me… out loud, in your head, with your heart. I’ll get it.”

“I just want to let you know what some of My thoughts and hopes for you are.”

“Get to know Me. When you get to know Me, you will begin to know better My thoughts and My desires for you. And you will learn to trust Me. And then when your human hearts says, ‘I want that!’ there will be a part of you that says, ‘only if You want it for me, God.'”

“Every day matters. Every person matters.”

“I miss hearing the sound of your voice telling Me what you’re thinking about.”

“If you have made a million mistakes and done things you think I would never forgive… Not that big of a deal. I’M your Dad! I can’t ‘not’ love you.”

“If you’re a dad, you know how that makes your heart feel. Imagine what it does to a God-sized heart.”

“There’s no such thing as ‘free time’!”

“Time is like space. You can fill up the space you have and… you can run out of space. The difference is, you can see when you are about to run out of space. You could be out of time… really soon.”

“…Daddy’s in the room.”

“I AM light. When you know Me, you can see better.”

“So, this history book/adventure series/love letter starts… with Me creating you… to have a relationship with Me.”

“…and in the process they forgot the fact that all of it was Mine.”

“One of My greatest joys is when you sing to Me and play for Me and worship Me through the music I placed in you.”

“Going through awful times together can make us grow closer, making the future much greater.”

“Prayer is relationship. It’s an ongoing conversation between you and me — two people who want to get to know each other better.”

“I want you to forgive Me and hear Me when I forgive you.”

“I want your prayer times to be times when you sense My love and experience My joy.”

“…and your petitions will be fewer, and your praises will be greater.”

“You also have the power to bring joy and fun and life into the ordinary world of others. Why don’t you make it snow for someone today?”

“Hey… I’ve even saved your life a few times, and you weren’t even aware of the danger.”

“Tomorrow is a gift.”

“And… you and I live happily ever afterlife.”

-God; God’s Blogs


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