A Walk to Remember

This was a reflection paper I made for class 3 years ago.

Ma. Hyacinth C. Estidola               October 2, 2012
BS PSY 1B                Soc Arts 11

1. What is the title of the movie?
“A Walk To Remember”

2. Who are the main characters? Describe each.
▪ Jamie Sullivan – a quiet, kind, and bookish student who is a member of the Drama Club and their church’s choir
▪ Landon Carter – a popular but rebellious student who was punished of mandatory participation in different after-school activities
▪ Reverend Sullivan – Jamie’s father who is a preacher in their church
▪ Mrs. Carter – Landon’s mother who raised him and had always been there for him

3. How did the leading actress’ father describe Landon?
Reverend Sullivan warned Jamie that Landon is the type of guy who will only hurt her and leave her after he gets something from her.

4. What kind of friendship do they have?
Self-Actualized Friends. They are great examples of friends with lifelong influence to one another. They are open to discuss about life experiences, take care of their needs, have less complaints about life in general and respect others’ views of life.

5. How did love change the persons? Cite a situation in the movie.
When Landon’s terrible, bully friends publicly humiliated Jamie by altering her picture and placing her head on the body of a woman only wearing her undergarments, he became so furious. He even punched his bestfriend in front of everybody. He did not care when his bestfriend threatened him that he will be out of their group because of what he did. He only cares about one thing: to comfort Jamie and be there beside her no matter what.

6. Explain the following excerpts:

a. “Find out who you are and do your purpose.”
Discover your identity; the real you, not what others want you to be. Afterwards, search for the meaning of your life. Accomplish the plans that were given to you. Carry out the tasks which were assigned to you.

b. “Love is like a wind: You can’t see it, but you can feel it.”
Solely believing in the things which can be seen by the naked eye is not really applicable to every area of life; just like in love. Though we are not able to see it, we know that it exists because we feel it.


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