Hansel and Gretel

This was the script I prepared for my first presentation as the marshall for reviews in my Communication Skills class.

Good morning, everyone! If some of you haven’t known yet, I will be the marshall for the issues, movie and book reviews for the Finals. I will begin with a review regarding the movie Hansel and Gretel. Who among you have seen it? Okay. Let us now watch its trailer.

Jeremy Renner, also known as Aaron Cross from Bourne Legacy and Hawk Eye from The Avengers, portrayed as Hansel. While Gemma Arterton, who was the stunning demigod, Io, from the Clash Of The Titans, is Gretel.

Aside from the cast, the great power of imagination that the writers and producers used were what made this movie a good one for me. Now, what I am about to share with you guys are the 4 crazy facts that I noticed in this film.

Crazy facts:

1. Its time frame was during the late medieval age, wherein villagers wore simple dresses with dull colors. But when Hansel and Gretel appeared on the screen, they were both wearing shiny leather outfits.

2. Hansel got diabetes after eating too much candy from the witch’s house when they were kids. Ahm, okay, diabetes. Nice try.

3. In one scene inside a bar, I noticed that they only had lit candles everywhere. Some were reading though the light coming from the candles, which was insufficient. Then I remembered the siblings’ weapons. They both had advanced/modern types of weaponry. How come the village shows a very noncivilized culture while they show the opposite?

4. It was supposed to be a movie about witches and magic and fairy tales, but during the Blood Moon ceremony, my friends and I kept laughing because of the cool final battle that took place. They shoot off the heads of a bunch of witches using a machine gun. Instead of magic wands or spells, all we heard was the *bratatat* sound.

Oh! And by the way, the twist regarding their past was great. I did not see that coming. So, that’s it. Your turn.. Say anything about the movie or those crazy facts.


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