“She’s starting to get a lot of buzz in that world. Or whatever the equivalent of buzz is in classical music. Perhaps hum.” -Vanessa LeGrande

“Tonight, I’ll listen. And that’ll be enough.” -Adam

“Ms. Hall would like you to come backstage.” -Usher

“The only way to survive this conversation is to have it with Mia’s sandals.” -Adam

“And that was the night I started writing songs again.” -Adam

“Let her do the wondering for a change.” -Adam

“Every year I get older, I think about how old Teddy would be, too.” -Adam

“I’ve come to realize there’s a world of difference between knowing something happened, even knowing why it happened, and believing it.” -Adam

“Quitting’s not hard. ‘Deciding’ to quit is hard. Once you make that mental leap, the rest is easy.” -Mia

“Really? Was that how you quit me?” -Adam

“You made me stay.” -Mia

“You can’t hate me for taking your word.” -Mia

“Some trauma is just too much for the conscious mind to handle and you have to go in through a back door to access it.” -Mia

“I look at the pictures, imagining that one day Mia’s own children will fill more of her frames, creating a new family for her, a continuing generation that I won’t be a part of.” -Adam

“I know. I needed someone to hate, and you’re the one I love the most, so it fell to you.” -Mia

“It felt like a gift. From them. For my first recital ever, they gave me a cello. And for this one, they gave me you.” -Mia

“And the answer’s no. I don’t wish her dead. Not so sure about you, though.” -Bryn

“She holds me until I recover my Y chromosome.” -Adam

“Anything I got right in regard to these details is because of these people. Anything I got wrong is because of me.” -Gayle Forman

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