The Giver

In our Cognitive Psychology subject, we were asked to choose a movie character that we can relate to what we’ve discussed in the whole semester. The Giver was what I picked.

Jonas of The Giver was the character I chose. He lived in a Community where memory was erased and controlled by The Elders. Residents were deprived of their fluid ability. They were like robots who were taught what to do and what not to, obeying every rule without even understanding why, thus lacking metacognition. The Elders were to decide which family unit to place newborns, what career to assign 12 year-olds, whom to marry, everything. Their actions were entirely automatically processed. They were taught to embrace “sameness”; they perceived things and situations using object-centered representation. They didn’t experience suffering, hunger, war, and didn’t have color, music, and love.

These were all because of The Elders’ strong dissension toward people’s wrongful choices and doings when they have their freedom.

“When people have the freedom to choose, they choose wrong.. every single time,”

the Chief Elder said. The Elders have had such trauma that they aimed to instill retrograde amnesia on the next generations and controlled the way they think, feel, and do to refrain them from repeating the unwanted.

Then came Jonas, who was chosen to be the Receiver of Memory during the Ceremony of Twelve. It was where children of the right ages were to graduate from childhood and be assigned certain careers. He met the present Receiver who has now become The Giver. He gave all his attention to everything he taught him. He was alert at all times. He was able to orient every stimuli introduced to him, no matter how exciting or painful it got. He attained executive attention. He was especially attentive when introduced to a sled. He seemed to know how to use it and feel the thrill of riding it down a snowy hill, which are called procedural memory.

They later devised a plan to bring back the memories of the residents. They felt that it was time for change. But, the only way to do so was for Jason to leave the Community. The actual plan did not work but the goal they did achieve.


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