The Book of Life

“As long as we remember them, they are with us. Once we forget them, they are truly gone.” -Manolo’s Father

“And so, the greatest wager began.” -Lady Tour Guide/La Muerte

“When you come back, I will sing for you!” -Manolo
“And I will fight for you!” -Joaquin

“You don’t know women, my love.” -La Muerte/Lady Tour Guide

“Great, my arthritis is back.” -Luis Sanchez

“And at that moment, Manolo conquered his greatest fear.. himself.” -Lady Tour Guide/La Muerte

“It’s time to be a true hero.” -Joaquin

“Hey, write your own story.” -Candlemaker

-Manolo’s father, Lady Tour Guide/La Muerte, Manolo, Joaquin, Luis Sanchez, Candlemaker; The Book Of Life


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