The Heirs

“As long as it works for you, that’s my reward.” -Madame Han

“Father has someone following me. You should be careful, too. Don’t do anything that will be a flaw.” -Won

“He said that his brother was kind and honest. He got tall, and his eyes are just like his.” -Hyun Joo

“Your secret is shocking. That’s all.” -Young Do

“The person next to me is.. my mother. My birth mother.” -Tan

“Why do women I love always have to hit first?” -Tan

“Your enemies are not the ones who hold their swords against you. They are the ones who stand by you with daggers behind their back.” -Young Do

“You can see the stars better when it’s dark.” -Tan

“Did you memorize my number? Memorize it! Memorize Kim Tan’s number, too.” -Young Do

“Sometimes finding an excuse is helpful when you can’t bring up the courage.” -Won

“We spent a semester comforting each other.” -Rachel

“Mom. Tell me where she is.” -Young Do

“The fight is now about us, not about the circumstances. I’m really happy. Let’s have fights like this everyday.” -Tan

“She just didn’t know how to like someone. I couldn’t teach her.. Because I didn’t know either.” -Esther Lee

“In the world that everyone dreams about.. You, Young Do, and the kids were hurt.” -Eun Sang

“I’ll give you a better life when I grow up. I love you, Mom.” -Eun Sang

“Thanks for the books.” -Pres. Kim

“I didn’t think you’d come all the way here to serve me coffee.” -Sec. Yoon

“His grades are boring.” -Sec. Yoon

“I told you that I’d be cheering in the crowd.” -Hyun Joo

“Don’t go to America. Instead, stay behind me, on my side.” -Won

“I took a shot to commemorate. You had the face of a man who had just overcome an obstacle in life.” -Myung Soo

“I want to hold a party at my place 10 years later.” -Tan

-Madame Han, Won, Hyun Joo, Young Do, Tan, Esther Lee, Eun Sang, Pres. Kim, Sec. Yoon; The Heirs


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