“What happened in that room in New York?” -Scott Langral

“Isn’t MS One’s true purpose to test the effects of deep space exploration on humans.. or better then, guinea pigs with no rights?” -Emilie Warnock

“Or, we can send in one man, one man with one very specific order: to get Emilie Warnock out.” -Harry Shaw

“Did he leave a message for me?” -Emilie
“Yes. You are adopted.” -Snow

“Here’s an apple.. and a gun. Don’t talk to strangers. Shoot them.” -Snow

“Lullaby. Green. Locker. I see you. I foresee you. Mace. Case.” -Mace

“It’s your idea of keeping a promise?” -Emilie

“I didn’t get the girl.” -Snow
“Ain’t that the story of your life?” -Harry

“Everyone’s dead. Blow this dump out of the sky.” -Emilie

“Who’s gonna look after you, now?” -Alex

“What I don’t understand is how you knew the combination.” -Snow

-Scott Langral, Emilie Warnock, Harry Shaw, Snow, Mace, Alex; Lockout


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