We attended the Science Club’s General Assembly on the morning of June 28, 2014. Each member was instructed to wear his Fear The Sting shirt or PE uniform. Why? Simply because the theme of the said activity was all about health – all about dancing Zumba, in particular – and acting responSCIbly.

There are few things I didn’t like about the event. One, the masters of ceremonies. They weren’t careful on choosing what they will say with their microphones on. It was so obvious that they were too biased when it comes to the course and section they’re in. Another is Mr. Somido’s long lecture. The president announced, “Here comes your most awaited.. Zumba!” when introducing him as the guest speaker, but his talk was so long and basic that I have observed majority wasn’t paying attention. I, too, was bored, yet I was aware that he was talking about the significance of exercise and how to know if we are healthy individuals or not. Lastly, they did not include snack break on their programme. Most of us arrived at seven in the morning and they seldom allowed us to go out, adding the fact that we danced for more than an hour. We were very hungry my blockmates and I rushed to cafeterias and fastfood chains right after the event.

Having said the drawbacks first doesn’t mean I did not enjoy the assembly. In fact, I kept on making those who failed to attend envious of not being there. I was first amazed when the officers were introduced. The organization’s president was just in her second year; hands down to her courage and skills. I so love their catchphrase as well: “Unleash your inner scientist.” Whoever created it deserves a big clap. They even have it written at the back of their yellow shirts. Another is our university’s Vice President’s speech. She made it clear that she wants every new student (just not sure as to which batch) to plant a tree and give updates on its growth every now and then. If it will be implemented, it would be of great help to the environment.

Lastly, the “most awaited” of most members yet “most dreaded” of us few and unnoticed, the dancing of Zumba. I am not good in dancing and have never dreamt of being able to try dancing Zumba. The moment we put all chairs at the sides, I just told myself I will try to enjoy. Little did I know trying was not an option. I enjoyed it so much. Everybody seemed to. Mr. Somido and a few dancers onstage began by teaching the steps. We were laughing at ourselves because it was more on bouncing and hip movements. While learning the chorus part, my blockmate who was beside me joked about the steps being suitable for the song Waka Waka. Our eyes widened when the exact song played on the background and the people onstage began dancing. We danced the whole song repetitively, and each time was fun and crazed. Students were dancing and bumping at each other and laughing. We were even asked to dance by course. It was very tiring yet enjoyable.

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