Games can teach us how to live

While I was alone in my room one evening, playing a mobile game and absorbing the silence, my thoughts went so far I was able to make this list.


Life lessons behind Candy Crush Soda:

1.  There’s always a solution to every obstacle.
2.  You may not succeed the first time, the second, third, nor the fourth, but you will soon.
3.  Never lose hope.
4.  Don’t give in to failures.
5.  Be patient. Everything takes time.
6.  Believe in yourself.
7.  Think about what is best before doing anything.
8.  Don’t make hasty decisions.
9.  Take one step at a time.
10. There are second chances, but they don’t always come right when you need it.
11. Everything happens at the right time.
12. Don’t be afraid of taking risks.
13. It’s alright to make mistakes.
14. You never run out of options, you just have to look for more.
15. Help doesn’t always appear right in front of you, ask for it.
16. You are not alone. There are other people going through the same struggles as you.
17. Reciprocate every good deed with another good deed.
18. Every single action leads to different results that will affect not just the present, but your future.
19. Life is not a fairytale where magic tricks, capes, wands, and pixie dusts will be there for you. Sometimes you are your own hero.

20. Life may be a long and winding road, filled with obstacles every step of the way. But take a look around you. It is also full of color and awesome creations. Life depends on how you see it.


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