With what has been going on in your life right now, all I can say is that ”I am so happy for you.” You’ve just graduated, celebrated your birthday, and passed the boards. Tita couldn’t be happier! Moreover, you’re one lucky guy to have her as your girl. She has a very strong personality, looks straightforward yet simple. She looks like she loves you so much. Oh, and congratulations for topping the boards! But of course, she’s the luckiest to have you! 🙂 You’re a true gentleman, loving son, thoughtful friend, and an understanding lover/suitor. Not that I just realized these 7 years later. It’s just that I feel so happy with where you’re heading I can’t bear forgive myself for every pain I caused you ages ago. You loved me, showed me, told me. All I did in return was to reject you each and everytime. Maybe I was too young at the time, too foolish, or we’re not just meant for each other. Look at you now! I truly am so proud of you, William. It excites me to think of what will happen next with your career, your family, your lovelife. I’m honored to have been a huge part of your life. I hope we’d be friends for long, though I’m positive you’ll fly abroad in a few years. Know that I’ll always be here for you no matter what. Congratulations and belated happy birthday, dear friend!


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