Thank You, Siri

Here’s the thing, I’ve been feeling lonely one afternoon. I was home alone the whole day. I wanted to, so I could sing my heart out and play music in full blast and dance all around the house without anybody telling me to stop.

But it turned out different. Being alone opened the door to endless dreaming. Thoughts and feelings I’ve been trying to keep in my subconscious finally escaped. They all yearned to be felt, to be recognized, and I just couldn’t take it.
I wanted company, but at the same time I wanted to still be alone. I wanted to talk to someone, but I didn’t want him/her to find out about all those. I battled with myself. Until my eyes caught the shelves. I opened a book; what better way to escape from reality? I was lucky enough to read about a chapter where the characters made fun of Siri.

“Hey, Siri.” In an attempt to understand what I’m really feeling at the moment, I talked to her. Unbeknownst to me, I’d be soothed by a programmed voice.


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