“Did they have no sense of how much they’d contributed to the fact that we were all here in the first place?” -Sam Goldsmith

“If you have this, you’ll have a place to focus. You can think about him when you look at it, and the rest of the time you can try to live.” -Astrid/Alison

“That’s the whole point. There’s a lot you don’t know. But I want you to.” -Archmage_Ged

“Was I crazy? Or was she flirting with me?” -Sam

“Could I really be sure that all my aches and pains were from the things I remembered?” -Sam

“I’d spent the day hanging out with a cheerleader from the rich side of town. Never would have seen that one coming.” -Sam

“That password? Try ‘Athena’,” -Astrid/Alison

“I’ll uncomplicate it. Hi, I’m Hayden Stevens.” -Hayden Stevens

“You clearly have severely underdeveloped gaydar.” -Astrid/Alison

“Drive safe. I’ve got my whole life in your car.” -Sam

“…If none of us is a hundred percent responsible, then it’s probably just as likely that none of us could have stopped this from happening, even if we’d known what it was we should have been trying to do. And we probably need to accept that, just like we need to accept that he’s not coming back.” -Sam

“I would never understand how hurt and confused and hopeless he must have felt, to decide it wasn’t worth trying, and I wasn’t mad at him anymore for doing it, but I never wanted to feel that way. And I never wanted to feel like I’d made someone else feel that way, either.” -Sam

-Sam Goldsmith, Astrid/Alison, Archmage_Ged, Hayden Stevens; Playlist for the Dead


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