“Funny doesn’t suit you. Let’s stick to ice.” -John

“I don’t have friends. I’ve just got one.” -SH

“Every fairy tale needs a good old-fashioned villain.” -Jim Moriarty

“In a world of locked rooms, the man with the key is king.” -Jim

“So soon after Sherlock?” -Mrs. Hudson

“I hope you’ll be very happy, Molly Hooper. You deserve it.” -SH

“John, I am a ridiculous man.. Redeemed only by the warmth and constancy of your friendship.” -SH

“He’s.. clueing for looks.” -John

“As a mental exercise, I’ve often planned the murder of friends and colleagues.” -SH

“…the signs of three.” -SH

“Also, your loss would break my heart.” -Mycroft

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