“This is a wishing machine. You tell it your wishes and it keeps them safe… even if you forget them.” -Phineas/P.T. Barnum

“You need something alive.” -Caroline Barnum

“They don’t understand, but they will.” -Phineas

“You don’t know it yet, but they are gonna love you.” -Phineas

“This is the life I promised you.” -Phineas

“You don’t need everyone to love you, Phin; just a few, good people.” -Charity Barnum

“…making them equals. Another critic might have called it presentation of humanity.” -James Gordon

“Our own mothers were ashamed of us, hid us, but you pulled us out…” -Lettie Lutz

“All that’s left is friendship, love, and work that I adore.” -Phillip Carlyle

“What will you be doing?” -Carlyle
“Watching my girls grow up.” -Phineas

“The noblest art is that of making others happy.” -Real P.T. Barnum

-Phineas/P.T. Barnum, Caroline Barnum, Charity Barnum, James Gordon, Lettie Lutz, Phillip Carlyle; The Greatest Showman

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