"Whenever there's bad guys like you around, Roy is not too far away." -June Havens "What day is it?" -Roy Millers/Matthew Knight "Someday." -June "We got tickets to Cape Horn!" - Mrs. Knight -June Havens, Roy Millers/Matthew Knight, Mrs. Knight; Knight and Day


"It is, perhaps, the end of the beginning." - Harry Hart/Agent Galahad -Harry Hart/Agent Galahad; Kingsman: The Golden Circle

"Are you Jean Valjean? Why are you crying for bread?" -Warden "Can't you arrest me, too? Please?" -Lee Yea Seong -Warden and Lee Yea Seong; Miracle In Cell No. 7


Created a wallpaper that would help me check if I'm taking the right steps each day.. If I'm moving towards my goals. Looks really messy and childish, but is very symbolic. Dollar bills - spend less, save more, earn more Honda logo - watch driving lessons, get a driver's license, use CK our car Two…

"Does he make you laugh?" -Daniel Ocean "He doesn't make me cry." -Tess "Run and hide. That's all I ask." -Terry Benedict -Daniel Ocean, Tess, and Terry Benedict; Ocean's 11

"Sometimes it's good to break the rules." "When 'the mob' speaks, everyone listens." -Sean; Step Up Revolution

"I still hold on to my dreams no matter how impossible they seem." Katie Price "Now is all that matters." -Katie "She begged me for things she had every right to and I denied her all of it." -Mr. Price "Having someone.. That's the best part." -Katie "If I had looked up, I could've been…

W, I never thought we'd have a conversation like this ever and I'm thankful for this chance. You were one of the first guys who made me feel so special, who taught me of patience, consistency, and perseverance, who made me realize I'm worth loving, and whom I hurt so much. I'm really happy for…