Good food. Good game. Good company.

Jgh! It has been a long day. I spent half of my day in school: sitting in class, making announcements, gathering tickets for tomorrow’s event, and disseminating information with our council president. We walked to and fro, went up and down, searched the whole university for people we have to speak with.

It didn’t end there. My thesis groupmates waited for me to finish my duties, because we have agreed on going to our university’s library in Manila this afternoon. It was a very hot afternoon. I couldn’t put down my fan on our way there. I sweat too much I could fill a bucket. Upon arrival, we tirelessly looked for theses and books related to our two researches. It had been difficult to find those created and published five years ago or less. We managed to find some but those weren’t enough. The library was closing, so we left.

We ate at Perico’s. I have been there once and it was just so right being there again. We had unlimited soup, which tasted so good. I ordered Cream Dory Fish. It was so sumptuous I had to order more rice. The red tea was the perfect drink, too.


Afterwards, one of my groupmates craved for ice cream. We went to Amo Yamie but there weren’t available areas to stay in. We then tried Yelo!, a cute snow ice store decorated with pink.. and pink.


He paid for our orders, making the food much more delicious. We tried overload chocolate, melon, green tea, and strawberry taro snow ice. Mine was melon, of course. At first, I disgusted the fact that fruits are to be placed in the ice cream. I was so wrong. Sliced bananas and mangoes were very good additions.


The servings were too big we had to finish them with constant groaning and uttering, “I cannot finish this!” We eventually did, especially since we had been playing Uno cards. We were full of food and laughter for the rest of the night. I’m just glad to have shared it with them.


“If I will be a teacher…”

This was written on the first day of our Teaching Psychology class.

If I will be a teacher, I’ll be one my students will certainly learn from but will definitely not hate seeing in class. I will make sure the lessons are taught in very understandable ways, unlike those who make student life the hardest part of life. Students who find it hard to cope up will be given extra time and attention. I will not humiliate them in front of the class. I will also make it a point that I will praise every single response or good act of my students.

But it isn’t all about gaining knowledge, of course. My class would be filled with fun and laughter. I’m not certain that my humor is enough, but I will surely give lines appropriate to their age brackets. I want to be a teacher my students will feel approachable and like a friend to them, but not to the point that they will not listen or obey me. I will impose rules and be strict when needed.

I will also give many activities such as role playing, reporting, and written outputs. Hard and tiring these really are, but these are what honed me into who I am now, and I want my students to learn the same way. They will realize the fruits of these activities soon after; I know they will.

I’ve always pictured myself as a high school teacher. If given the chance, I will certainly grab it and make all these a reality.

Four years

Recognition Day '11, Junior High School, University of Perpetual Help System - GMA

Four years ago, we stood there proud and accomplished. Four years later, we don’t even know what’s happening in each other’s lives. 💔


“Encouraging Letter”

I found this in my files today. I don’t remember why I wrote this for Communication Skills class anymore, but as the file name suggests, it was meant to be an “encouraging letter.” What I am sure of is that I did not send anything like this to my high school best friend three years ago.

My cherished best friend,

I may have said this a hundred times before, but I won’t get tired of reiterating it; I will always be here for you, regardless of the distance and eventful days we are both regularly having. I earnestly look forward to that time wherein you will be glad to tell me how grateful you are, that you have now seen your value and are ready to face new challenges.

We have known each other for eight years. We were there to help one another stand up during the most unfortunate days of our lives. You have heard everything I said, but you did not listen. Life is too wonderful for you to worry about every single mistake and problem you encounter. Look through these for you to see its veiled beauty. Pain and suffering are essential in making you a better person. Learn how to face it with exuberance. Stop regretting; go ahead and move on. In the end, you will realize that life is about losing, accepting, and trying again.