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This idea is truly risky, but if students don’t agree with the results, the hospital doors are always open. They will be given a sample they can keep; they can ask for another testing from other professional persons. Plus, it has been four years since this article was posted, meaning the professors and specialists already spent more than four years preparing for this mass genetic testing program. They must be very ready by now, and I guess students are, too, for this year’s batch will be the first to be analyzed. I hope it will be a success for Berkeley, considering all the negative assumptions of people from different universities and hospitals.

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This article is so interesting I would like to make further researches on other scientists’ explanations. I bet they themselves had amplified enthusiasms the moment they heard about this case. I also want to know why this happened, how come it was possible, and at what percentage do they think it could happen to other identical twins. This case is truly mystifying.