AOS Season 4

“You don’t get to choose who cares for you…” -May

“I refuse to be a cliché.” -Yoyo/Elena

“The world has changed, but you’re not this man.” -Dr. Holden Radcliffe

“It’s only a risk if you have something to lose.” -May

“One person in your life, one decision, one sentence, it can change your life forever.” -Radcliffe

“I know I’m not going with you when you leave, but I can still help out from this side.” -Ward

“I am nothing but torn and twisted insides!” -Ophelia

“You built an empire by eliminating the regrets of others. How does it taste on your own tongue?” -Anton Ivanov

AOS Season 3

“This secret… the world’s not ready to hear.” -Daisy/Skye

“I won’t give up. I can’t give up.” -Fitz

“…being different can mean making a difference.” -Daisy

“I know you won’t give up, so I won’t either.” -Simmons

“His name is like your favorite word.” -Will

“And there are no selfies. Banks, you’re boring.” -Hunter

“I’m just not strong enough to live in a world that doesn’t have you in it.” -Fitz

“What part of ‘that’s an order’ don’t you understand? Coulson put me in charge to make the hard call and that’s what I’m doing.” -Mack

“It’s a spy’s goodbye.” -Bobbi

“Thought it’d be cool if the Director of SHIELD had a shield.” -Coulson

“And who, in the entire nation, names these things?!” -Talbott

“Keep the faith, Alphonso Mackenzie.” -Yoyo/Elena Rodriguez

“You’re free.” -Lash/Dr. Andrew Garner

“’Memory is the scribe of the soul.’” -Mack

“…3 continents worth of people are gonna look like these buggers, yeah? Even the ladies?” -James

“Saving the girl I love, and the world at the same time, seems pretty right to me.” -Lincoln