“The only thing that separates women of color from anyone else is opportunity. You cannot win an Emmy for roles that are simply not there.”

-Viola Davis, Emmy Awards 2015

HTGAWM Season 2

“Men lie to us, Laurel. We don’t need to do it to each other.” -Bonnie Winterbottom

“Me not paying attention to you is the best compliment you could ever get ’cause it means I don’t have to worry about you.” -Annalise

“I don’t want an eye for an eye. I want to heal. And I want Jason to heal.” -Tyler’s Mom

“I killed Lila.” -Frank

“The reason why you feel it’s so hard is because you’re trying to do it all alone.” -Ophelia

“You wait too long to come back, there could be no mama here to nurse you back to health.” -Ophelia

HTGAWM Season 1

“Never take a learning opportunity away from another student.” -Atty/Prof Annalise Keating

“Smile or go to jail.” -Connor Walsh

“Tell me you didn’t get to where you are at the back of a man who’s gonna die… Please, Dad.” -Asher Millstone

“What kind of convenience store doesn’t have a mint chocolate chip?!” -Rebecca Sutter

“This is murder! None of us know what we’re talking about.” -Laurel Castillo

“I’m so sorry.” -Wes Gibbins

“Don’t be.” -Annalise

“I promise; you’ll get away with it.” -Annalise

“When in doubt, shut your mouth.” -Annalise

“That’s what you and I are. Worriers. It makes us very successful. It also makes us very tired, too.” -Annalise

“You can tell mama. God is the only judge.” -Ophelia/Annalise’s Mom

“Dude, I’m totally down with our rainbow coalition, but I don’t need to know about all your sexy times.” -Asher

“He doesn’t love me. But here’s the thing, I love me. So I’m done.” -Michaela Pratt

“It’s just your version of the story versus theirs. There’s no justice in the courtroom. That’s how the justice system works. It’s not what is true or what is fair. It’s about who tells the most convincing story.” -Annalise/Anna Mae