Why did I make a blog, you might ask.

Honestly, I don’t know the exact reason why I made one.

Maybe because I felt pity for other people. It first came as a suggestion from a good friend who seemed to be too sick of reading my long tweets. (Yes, they’re too long I put ellipses and continue through replies. Gosh, I know.. I know.. I’m the worst.) His idea struck me months after. Back then, I used to blab about a huge problem, though not directly saying what the problem was, or my views about how Mahal na Araw (Holy Week) should be spent.. thru group message. (Is there a word like worst-est? I think there should be.) I now realize that it is in this world where people actually write about anything and everything. You wouldn’t even bother asking yourself if anyone would hate you for having her read that. You’re practically talking to yourself and letting someone who’s interested read it.

Maybe because I love movies a lil’ bit too much. There’s this movie.. I vaguely remember the title and flow of the story, but the thought of it happening to me makes me feel that I can leave something good on people’s lives. The character wasn’t an open book *raises arm*; She had a blog where she pours out everything: about herself, people, and her terminal illness. Soon after her death, loved ones knew about her site. They found letters dedicated to them there. They reread every blog each time they missed her. It’s not like I am suicidal or dying soon. I just haven’t told anybody about this, and I plan to let people know decades later, to let them have a nice trip down memory lane.

Maybe because I miss the privacy. I had a diary on our family computer when I was in elementary. I had journals and an online diary when I was in high school. I self-talk and pray long most times, but being able to let emotions out through writing is just one of the ways that work out best for me. It makes me feel a lot lighter than when I tell someone directly.

Maybe because people simply change. I may have realized I’ve been bugging people, wishing I’d be remembered the way I wanted to, and just like letting it all out.. but I also may happen to just want to try out something new, somehow let others finally know what’s running through my mind and keep track of what’s happening in my life.

Whatever the main reason is, I’m just glad I decided on making a blog.

“Wear your heart on your sleeve.”


An idiomatic expression which means you are allowing others to see your emotions openly.

Noted. 😉