“In this heavy and confusing life, while you deal with your business, you wonder what they are doing all of a sudden and think of the person first aside from yourself. That’s enough of a reason to call it love.”

-Excerpt from Every Moment Was You

Found this on my phone. Can’t remember feeling this way last year. But.. receipt, right?

“Did they have no sense of how much they’d contributed to the fact that we were all here in the first place?” -Sam Goldsmith

“If you have this, you’ll have a place to focus. You can think about him when you look at it, and the rest of the time you can try to live.” -Astrid/Alison

“That’s the whole point. There’s a lot you don’t know. But I want you to.” -Archmage_Ged

“Was I crazy? Or was she flirting with me?” -Sam

“Could I really be sure that all my aches and pains were from the things I remembered?” -Sam

“I’d spent the day hanging out with a cheerleader from the rich side of town. Never would have seen that one coming.” -Sam

“That password? Try ‘Athena’,” -Astrid/Alison

“I’ll uncomplicate it. Hi, I’m Hayden Stevens.” -Hayden Stevens

“You clearly have severely underdeveloped gaydar.” -Astrid/Alison

“Drive safe. I’ve got my whole life in your car.” -Sam

“…If none of us is a hundred percent responsible, then it’s probably just as likely that none of us could have stopped this from happening, even if we’d known what it was we should have been trying to do. And we probably need to accept that, just like we need to accept that he’s not coming back.” -Sam

“I would never understand how hurt and confused and hopeless he must have felt, to decide it wasn’t worth trying, and I wasn’t mad at him anymore for doing it, but I never wanted to feel that way. And I never wanted to feel like I’d made someone else feel that way, either.” -Sam

-Sam Goldsmith, Astrid/Alison, Archmage_Ged, Hayden Stevens; Playlist for the Dead

“She’s starting to get a lot of buzz in that world. Or whatever the equivalent of buzz is in classical music. Perhaps hum.” -Vanessa LeGrande

“Tonight, I’ll listen. And that’ll be enough.” -Adam

“Ms. Hall would like you to come backstage.” -Usher

“The only way to survive this conversation is to have it with Mia’s sandals.” -Adam

“And that was the night I started writing songs again.” -Adam

“Let her do the wondering for a change.” -Adam

“Every year I get older, I think about how old Teddy would be, too.” -Adam

“I’ve come to realize there’s a world of difference between knowing something happened, even knowing why it happened, and believing it.” -Adam

“Quitting’s not hard. ‘Deciding’ to quit is hard. Once you make that mental leap, the rest is easy.” -Mia

“Really? Was that how you quit me?” -Adam

“You made me stay.” -Mia

“You can’t hate me for taking your word.” -Mia

“Some trauma is just too much for the conscious mind to handle and you have to go in through a back door to access it.” -Mia

“I look at the pictures, imagining that one day Mia’s own children will fill more of her frames, creating a new family for her, a continuing generation that I won’t be a part of.” -Adam

“I know. I needed someone to hate, and you’re the one I love the most, so it fell to you.” -Mia

“It felt like a gift. From them. For my first recital ever, they gave me a cello. And for this one, they gave me you.” -Mia

“And the answer’s no. I don’t wish her dead. Not so sure about you, though.” -Bryn

“She holds me until I recover my Y chromosome.” -Adam

“Anything I got right in regard to these details is because of these people. Anything I got wrong is because of me.” -Gayle Forman

-Vanessa LeGrande, Adam, Usher, Mia, Bryn, Gayle Forman; Where She Went


“I had come to the island to solve my grandfather’s mystery, and in doing so I had discovered my own.” -Jacob

“Peculiarities are a bit like muscles–the more you exercise them, the bigger they grow.” -Millard

“So if he wants to talk, let’s hear what he has to say.” -Emma

“Some truths are expressed best in myths.” -Addison

“I’d become a mystery they would never solve. A wound that would never heal.” -Jacob

“I was coming to believe I had been sent here to repay that debt–my own, my father’s, and my grandfather’s, too.” -Jacob

“In battle, you don’t aim for the enemy’s pinky toe first–you stab him right through the heart!” -Enoch

“Why didn’t you tell us you were ‘syndrigasti’?” -Bekhir

“It’s as if the more he cares about someone, the less he can see. Emotions clouds his vision.” -Emma

“And when this is all over, I’ll look for you. There are more like us out there, and we’ll find them one day, together.” -Millard

“Nowhere am I deadlier than in a field of wildflowers.” -Hugh

“The day I met her, that’s what I call my birthday. The day I met my true mum.” -Emma

“It’s safe in the tub. Maybe you should get in, too. That way we’d all be safe.” -Esme

“Laughing doesn’t make bad things worse any more than crying makes them better.” -Jacob

“I swear on my life, one day I’ll personally escort all those that hurt my sisters to Hell.” -Miss Wren

“Everyone thinks I’m a coward. This is my chance to prove them wrong.” -Horace

“So maybe it was better to leave a few spots on the map blank. To let the world keep a little of its magic, rather than forcing it to divulge every last secret. Maybe it was better, now and then, to wonder.” -Jacob

“If you never hear from us again, well, one day you’ll be able to tell our story. You can tell your kids about us. Or your grandkids. And we won’t entirely be forgotten.” -Emma

“No, Dad. I’m peculiar.” -Jacob

-Jacob, Millard, Emma, Addison, Enoch, Bekhir, Hugh, Esme, Miss Wren; Hollow City


“…the story of Grandpa Portman’s childhood wasn’t a fairytale at all. It was a horror story.” -Jacob

“But if it meant that I’d finally be able to put my grandfather’s mystery to rest and get on with my unextraordinary life, anything I had to endure would be worth it.” -Jacob

“That’s right, we got it all–only food, only bed, only phone!” -Kev

“Only birds can manipulate time. Therefore, all time manipulators must be able to take the form of a bird.” -Miss Peregrine

“The entire history of my love life in a dusty box in the closet.” -Emma

“…common people can’t pass through time loops.” -Emma

“He could see the monsters.” -Emma

“His whole life he’d been telling me the truth, and I didn’t believe him.” -Jacob

“But if you insist on leaving here, then I insist you never return.” -Miss Peregrine

“Be careful, okay?” -Jacob’s dad

“Nice problem to have. Wish my mum and dad had loved me enough to worry when I left home.” -Olive

“One day, when the danger has passed, he will come back to you. You have my word.” -Emma

“I used to dream about escaping my ordinary life, but my life was never ordinary. I had simply failed to notice how extraordinary it was.” -Jacob

-Jacob, Kev, Miss Peregrine, Emma, Jacob’s Dad, Olive; Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children


“What happened next depends on how much you believe.”

“But life is not a board game, and losing a loved one is never really ‘starting over.’ More like ‘continuing without.'”

“Instead, his last telephone conversation with Giselle ended much like the world’s first. ‘I want to see you, too,’ she said.”

“When is mommy going to call us?” -Jules

“The end is not the end.” -Robbie

“If people truly believed they were talking with heaven, how soon before they expected to hear from the Lord?”

“What we give to fear, we take away from… faith.” -Robbie

“Knowing heaven… is what heals us on earth.” -Diane

“There is life after this life.” -Katherine

“I will share a call with everyone out there.” -Katherine

“So often, we push away the voices closest to us. But once they’re gone, we reach for them.”

“We cannot demand miracles! We cannot expect them!” -Pastor Warren

“He gave me the greatest gift I could ask for — the voice of my sister. And if all He wants in return is to let people know that He is real, should I say no?” -Katherine

“What is false about hope?” -Horace

“If it believes, it behaves better.” -Horace

“If you believe it, you don’t need proof.” -Pastor Warren

“Desire sets our compass, but real life steers our course.”

“I never said good-bye.” -Sully
“Such a needless word, when you love somebody.” -Giselle

“But I am sharing this with you, Mr. Harding, because to you I can never repay my debt.” -Elliot Sr./Horace

“If I could truly contact you and tell you of its existence, I would.” -Elliot Sr./Horace

“As happens with all miracles, once life goes on, those who believe retell them with wonder. Those who do not, do not.”

-Narrator, Jules, Robbie, Diane, Katherine, Pastor Warren, Giselle, Elliot Sr./Horace; The First Phone Call From Heaven


“Dance is one thing to do with your life. But it is not the only thing.” -Ms. Daniels

“You’re not just my best friend — you’re my extracurricular activity.” -Zoe

“For years, every moment I wasn’t dancing was a moment I was waiting to dance.” -Zoe

“We always said ‘Love ya’. We ended every phone call, every chat, every conversation the same way. … ‘I love you, Livs,’ I said,” -Zoe

“And you’re really lucky, because you not only get me, you get my very best best friend in the entire world. We’re like the… super dynamic duo.” -Olivia

“It’s insane how fast the unthinkable becomes the normal.” -Zoe

“When Livvie had good news, she called me. When something funny happened to her, she called me. When she needed something, she called me. When she wasn’t allowed to be on the phone, she called me anyway.” -Zoe

“I think we all need to keep in mind that Olivia’s illness is a marathon, not a sprint.” -Zoe’s dad

“Look, not to sound like a cheerleader, but at the car wash today, Lashanna and I were talking about how everybody was all worried about Olivia, but nobody was taking care of you. We were worried about you, okay? So sue us.” -Mia

“Shit happened, we told each other about it. Full disclosure.” -Zoe

“That’s how laws are, I guess. Nothing actually happens when you break them unless you get caught.” -Zoe

“It would be impossible for any God to ignore that many prayers, that much love. He would have to let her live.” -Zoe

“I’m just saying there’s a really good chance I could die, and I fucking wish I could talk to someone about it.” -Olivia

“Trying to imagine heaven could be like… trying to picture the fourth dimension. We can’t do it. But that doesn’t mean it’s not there.” -Zoe

“A person’s whole life, she’s lucky to have one or two real friends. Friends who are like family.” -Mrs. Greco

“That was how life was now — all roads led to Olivia.” -Zoe

“And I’m sorry I won’t be there to see your life, but I know it’s going to be fantastic.” -Olivia

“Whether you dance or not, I hope you feel alive your whole life, Zoe. I love you.” -Olivia

-Ms. Daniels, Zoe, Olivia, Zoe’s dad, Mia, Mrs. Greco; Maybe One Day


“And then the things I made that thrill you and Me both… Music, Laughter, Friendship, Taste buds, What happens in the soul when lovers touch.”

“Contact Info: Just call Me… out loud, in your head, with your heart. I’ll get it.”

“I just want to let you know what some of My thoughts and hopes for you are.”

“Get to know Me. When you get to know Me, you will begin to know better My thoughts and My desires for you. And you will learn to trust Me. And then when your human hearts says, ‘I want that!’ there will be a part of you that says, ‘only if You want it for me, God.'”

“Every day matters. Every person matters.”

“I miss hearing the sound of your voice telling Me what you’re thinking about.”

“If you have made a million mistakes and done things you think I would never forgive… Not that big of a deal. I’M your Dad! I can’t ‘not’ love you.”

“If you’re a dad, you know how that makes your heart feel. Imagine what it does to a God-sized heart.”

“There’s no such thing as ‘free time’!”

“Time is like space. You can fill up the space you have and… you can run out of space. The difference is, you can see when you are about to run out of space. You could be out of time… really soon.”

“…Daddy’s in the room.”

“I AM light. When you know Me, you can see better.”

“So, this history book/adventure series/love letter starts… with Me creating you… to have a relationship with Me.”

“…and in the process they forgot the fact that all of it was Mine.”

“One of My greatest joys is when you sing to Me and play for Me and worship Me through the music I placed in you.”

“Going through awful times together can make us grow closer, making the future much greater.”

“Prayer is relationship. It’s an ongoing conversation between you and me — two people who want to get to know each other better.”

“I want you to forgive Me and hear Me when I forgive you.”

“I want your prayer times to be times when you sense My love and experience My joy.”

“…and your petitions will be fewer, and your praises will be greater.”

“You also have the power to bring joy and fun and life into the ordinary world of others. Why don’t you make it snow for someone today?”

“Hey… I’ve even saved your life a few times, and you weren’t even aware of the danger.”

“Tomorrow is a gift.”

“And… you and I live happily ever afterlife.”

-God; God’s Blogs


“Someone who lives according to the plans of God is, to my conservative estimate, unquestionably happy.”

“Precisely, that is what faith is all about.. that you will dance even in the dark, because you know that you are not dancing alone. God is dancing with you.”

“In the end, you don’t really need to understand. You just need to believe.”

“Mahal kita kahit na paulit-ulit mo Akong sinasaktan sa hindi mo pagtulong sa iyong kapwang nangangailangan, o sa paulit-ulit mong pagpapako sa Akin sa mga oras na hindi mo ibinigay ang iyong kapatawaran sa mga nakasakit sa iyo.”

“But when God created man, He did not say, ‘Let there be man.’ Instead, ang sabi Niya, ‘Let us create man.'”

“Pero ang pinakahigit na ibinigay na pangalan ng Diyos sa atin ay ito: ‘Aking Anak.'”

“On the contrary, He will sing loving songs of acceptance and forgiveness as He embraces us in our dirtiness.”

“Sabi ni Bishop Bacani, we can draw an image of love when we are bitten by an ant.”

“In coming down as a man, God has raised our humanity towards Himself, towards His divinity.”

“Lahat tayo, kahit sino o ano man ang kasaysayan at pinagmulan, maaaring magbago, basta’t gustuhin lang natin.”

“He knows you can change. He gave you an inner capacity to change for the better.”

“Kaya nga tayo nagbibigayan ng mga regalo tuwing darating ang Kapaskuhan; dahil tayo ay nagsusumikap tularan ang ginawa ng Diyos noong unang Pasko.”

-Michael Angelo F. Lobrin; Laugh With God Today!