Dear Mr.,

People like you deserve to live as long as you would like to.

But as much as we, both strangers and those who knew you, ache and cry because of the shortness of your stay in this world, we can’t help but be happy for you.

Reading the letters you wrote for your family, knowing you have thought about doing such brave and sweet act, imagining how hard it must have been as you were typing each word, I can’t help but realize you left home with a happy, contented, prepared heart. You have a positive yet realistic mindset. You have such big heart for the people you care for. You are the kind of person this world doesn’t deserve. 

If you are up there, continue looking over your family and letting them feel the warmth of your love. If you are among us now, born in a different physique and to a different family, I genuinely hope you live with the same heart and the same outlook in life… And that, this time, life would let you stay a little longer. 


Hyacinth E. 

A link to the letters he wrote for his wife and 9-month old daughter:

Not any other day

Today marks the last time I’ll tell myself this.. and the first time I’ll really listen.

Enough. Enough hoping. Enough wishing. Enough hurting. Enough waiting. Enough lying. Enough feeling.

For weeks, you’ve been asking yourself and the Lord if it’s A, B, or C. For weeks, you’ve been granted indirect pieces of answers. It’s about time to face the truth, to complete the puzzle. 

He’s over you. 

What’s left is to do the same. 

He was able to; why can’t you?


I don’t know why but when it comes to you, to thoughts about you, I can make and post an article right away. Many times, in different situations, I want to and feel the need to; but I don’t do so since I have other things to do, don’t have the time to write as it’s happening or as I’m feeling it.

I don’t know why but when it comes to you, my mind works 24/7. No matter what I’m doing nor where I’m at, my thoughts travel to a place only us two exist. I’m aware that I should stop daydreaming of things I know has of little possibility of turning into reality. But I want to. I love to. I always do.

I don’t know why but when it comes to you, my heart aches oh so easily as tears form in both corners of my eyes. I thought that was something else. I thought we’re finally starting over, starting for real. But maybe I was wrong. Maybe that day was nothing to you. Maybe that post wasn’t about me. Maybe you still haven’t moved on from her. Why else would that song mean that much to you?