’14 Wishes

  • Puppy! I want. 😦
  • Pass Physics without putting my scholarship on the edge of the plank.
  • Have a Christmas tree 😦
  • Cook more often.
  • Help in the dishes and clothes every weekend during school days.
  • Man the house on vacation.
  • Argue with family members less.
  • Learn when to speak and not to speak.
  • Control my emotions.
  • Never be late, as much as possible.
  • School works be the top priority.
  • Avoid going home late at night.
  • Be less talkative, both in person and on twitter.
  • Have countless blogs by the end of the year. 🙂
  • Keep this site a secret.
  • If I ever fall again, I’d let my mind speak first.
  • Think twice before getting anything done.
  • Longer thread of patience.
  • Buy only worthy things.
  • Reward myself every now and then.
  • Spend my allowance wisely.
  • Improve my grades, both in oral and written.
  • Choose the right hair color and style. :/
  • Be more sensitive to other people’s feelings.
  • Mooore movies! 😀
  • Clearer and fairer skin.
  • Less throwback, more post-right-away. :))
  • If I ever take my first shot glass, make sure I’m with daddy or my cousins.
  • Be more conscious of my appearance.
  • Learn how to apply make up. (Really?)
  • Play guitar more often.
  • Be stronger, braver, nicer.
  • Do not be afraid of taking risks, taking chances, and making changes.
  • Appreciate life more.
  • Avoid hurting people at all costs. 😦
  • Maintain a tidy environment.
  • Sleep more.
  • Take care of myself.
  • Still have this phone on December 31. :/
  • Avoid making people worry about me.
  • Never have bloodshoot eyes again. 😦
  • Finish schoolworks at night.
  • Maintain a 10pm prayer time.
  • Never skip a meal or let myself be hungry.
  • Weeks do not pass without placing money on my pouch bank.
  • Get up as soon as the alarm rings.
  • Attend mass every Sunday.
  • Avoid sleeping past midnight.
  • Have my own room or bed,
  • Complete the Simbang Gabi.
  • Drink vitamins daily.
  • Slap his precious face. 0:)
  • Not get a grade of 2.00 next school year.
  • Have a new book.
  • Get an iPod.
  • Buy a hoodie! A pretty one!
  • Have violet, green, or white earphones.
  • Learn how to drive. :))
  • Achieve 95% of the above list. (Statistics taught me that. *Wink*) 😛

Last glance


An untidy room filled with bliss, tears, laughter, anger, motivation, confusion, highs, sighs, smiles, byes. As I looked around, I felt the weight on my shoulders again. A lot of crazy things happened in the past twelve months. Honestly, need not use a balance beam, negative events > positive events. Problems kept knocking this year, often not alone, making every waking hour accompanied by a deep sigh.

I’ve thought of recalling every bad memory I could, but decided not to just a few seconds after. Why look back? Yes, those events made me stronger and wiser; but contemplating on those will only bring back the negativities. Instead, I put them all in a box, apart from the lessons I must remember and the good ones that made me feel alive again, and placed it in the attic. The latter I put in frames and hung on the wall.

Done! The room looks better and gives off a lighter feeling now. It’s time to leave this place and enter a new one. Tomorrow is another 365 days. Again, I will laugh, cry, sing, break my heart, mend it, learn. I took baby steps towards the door, preparing myself to leave the past behind. As I walked out and held the knob, I turned around and gave it one last glance, smiled and slowly shut the door.