Look at yourself

Dear self,


Your problems are growing on you. It’s starting to show on your heavy eyebags, countless acnes, and exhausted face. Stop it right now, woman.

Smile. Sleep early. Make time for the things and people that you really want in your life. Workout. Drink more tea. Meet new people. Open your books. Watch movies. Grab your guitar. Polish your nails. Trim your brows.

Take care of yourself.

Your situation may become more and more difficult and your problems may grow bigger and bigger, but as you struggle to find the solutions to each and every one of them, don’t forget yourself.

Most importantly, pray.



Another unheard soul

Each time I’m lonely, burdened, I listen to Heavy. Even when I’m not and I listen to it, I feel lonely and burdened. 

What if this song was Chester’s cry for help? It was released this May. His best friend died this May. He committed suicide at the day of his best friend’s birthday. 

People.. Please.. Talk to someone. Talk to anybody. Don’t keep your problems/feelings to yourselves. 

Don’t ever believe you have nobody. You may think it; the world may try to make you believe it; but don’t.

May you rest in peace, Chester Bennington.