‪I love long walks in the busy city streets early in the morning. But sometimes I wish there’d be anyone who will walk in front of me and assure me reality’s better than the world inside my head.


Good food. Good game. Good company.

Jgh! It has been a long day. I spent half of my day in school: sitting in class, making announcements, gathering tickets for tomorrow’s event, and disseminating information with our council president. We walked to and fro, went up and down, searched the whole university for people we have to speak with.

It didn’t end there. My thesis groupmates waited for me to finish my duties, because we have agreed on going to our university’s library in Manila this afternoon. It was a very hot afternoon. I couldn’t put down my fan on our way there. I sweat too much I could fill a bucket. Upon arrival, we tirelessly looked for theses and books related to our two researches. It had been difficult to find those created and published five years ago or less. We managed to find some but those weren’t enough. The library was closing, so we left.

We ate at Perico’s. I have been there once and it was just so right being there again. We had unlimited soup, which tasted so good. I ordered Cream Dory Fish. It was so sumptuous I had to order more rice. The red tea was the perfect drink, too.


Afterwards, one of my groupmates craved for ice cream. We went to Amo Yamie but there weren’t available areas to stay in. We then tried Yelo!, a cute snow ice store decorated with pink.. and pink.


He paid for our orders, making the food much more delicious. We tried overload chocolate, melon, green tea, and strawberry taro snow ice. Mine was melon, of course. At first, I disgusted the fact that fruits are to be placed in the ice cream. I was so wrong. Sliced bananas and mangoes were very good additions.


The servings were too big we had to finish them with constant groaning and uttering, “I cannot finish this!” We eventually did, especially since we had been playing Uno cards. We were full of food and laughter for the rest of the night. I’m just glad to have shared it with them.


Wonderful head start

The first two days of this school year have been nothing but wonderful!

The funny thing is I expected the exact opposite. My clinical uniforms — worn only by seniors — were still at the tailor’s shop the weekend before classes resumed. I didn’t have white rubber shoes and school supplies yet. We haven’t paid for my dormitory’s monthly charge (for the month of May). I didn’t want to leave home too soon. I didn’t want to be an independent student, alone in the city, again. I didn’t like what my roommate did weeks ago, so I definitely didn’t want to see her yet. I wasn’t prepared for my final year in school. I didn’t want this most stressful year to begin. I felt sad each time I remembered this will be “the last.” My right arm muscles were aching so bad the night before the first day. I was scared that we’d defend research titles on day 1 alike the past semester. And, I didn’t have the guts to face the worst case scenario: that I may not receive academic scholarship grant on this  f i n a l  y e a r. I already accepted that this would be my worst first day/first week.

God works in wonderful ways, that I once again have proven today. He filled these past few days with whew’s, yes!, and hahaha! My uniforms fit so well. Mom let me buy all necessary things before heading to the dormitory. I was able to pay the fee. My friends and I chatted and laughed ’til our eyes began to form tears. I now feel ready for senior year.. the struggles, the stress, all the inevitable. I took medicine to relieve the muscle pain on the first day and manage to shoo the thought away and go on with what I’m doing each time it aches. My Undergraduate Research schedule was moved to a different day. I computed the wrong set of grades! My scholarship was granted just an hour ago.

This afternoon, I also had trouble with the copy of my grades. I spent hours trying to get it from my parents thru email but failed. When I was about to give up and go with the last and most dreadful option, I received the copy. Yes, right there and then. Someone from up above even whispered to my guy friends when I was alone sitting and trying to figure out what to do. He let me chat with them and talk about different things that diverted my emotions from disappointed and worried to calm and happy.

Isn’t He amazing? Right when I felt hopeless and was dying inside did He tap my shoulder to remind me that He will not let those happen. Here I am now singing and dancing as I listen to my old playlists, enjoying the solidarity, truly grateful for having a wonderful head start.