Under the night sky

It’s about time. Under the night sky.. At this hour.. At this place.. I’m making my decision. I’m letting him go. I’m letting go of my hopes. I’m letting go of the concept of “us.” God knows how long I prayed and hoped. I think that’s enough.

This time, it’s real. Friends, nothing more. I wish him well in everything he does. I’m here if he needs a friend.

He will always have a special place in my heart, that’s for sure.

“…like a sister loves a brother, and a friend loves a friend.” -Rosie

december nine

what we have, i can’t define

though everything’s in line

with you here, everything’s fine

i don’t know what to do, give me a sign

take the risk, accept or decline

tell me, will you ever be mine?

december six

he tore down bricks

put off lit matchsticks

fought all critics

as the camera clicks

he remembered all the pics

thinking of memories mixed

now that the clock ticks

the question sticks

can it still be fixed?