This friendship’s making me realize how killjoy I am most times and how much better it is to just live, say yes, take risks, be happy.


Have a little faith

No matter how bad your day goes, there’s always someone up there who wouldn’t let it end that way. You just have to take the time to notice the little things. 

So far, it has been a struggle to wake up each day and get to work. I have a problem with my status, my workload, my worth, my rights. I’m losing all the motivation to do my responsibilities. I won’t get into details but it’s really a mess right now. And just lately, I’ve convinced myself (with the help of my beloved coworkers) to finally do something about it.. and not just anything, but the biggest risk one could do. I’ve set my plans, but I’m still having difficulties executing them, let alone the fact that aside from my colleagues, none of my friends and family have any idea about what I’m going through. I’m also trying really hard to distract myself from other problems I concurrently have. 

There I was, getting out of the building from working late, dreading the thought of going home and not getting a good sleep from worrying and getting up again to face life. I saw the buses filled with people standing and sighed. My mood and the condition of my ride home is just a good combo, isn’t it? Then, as I read the sign from the coming bus I was about to ride, I was surprised it was the one that could take me home easily! Buses like this one never (in my whole experience) come this way! It was such a blessing. I kept sighing in relief as I boarded and comfortably sat. 

So I thought He was done surprising me. I read today’s teaching from The Daily Bread and it just strike me right through the chest. He wanted me to surrender all plans I have to him, reminded that He is beside me through it all. It even has the scripture that I have a copy here on my phone as a wallpaper that I use each time I needed it. 

“God is within her, she will not fall.” Psalms 46:5

Minutes later, as I was writing down my reflections for today’s reading, the song Heavy played on the bus. This is the one song that really gets to me especially in times that everything feels heavy. I let out a deep sigh. The song was followed by Superhero, one of my all-time motivating songs. I mouthed a “thank You” as I began to realize the consecutive ways He’s been letting me aware of his presence. No matter how hard these days are to me right now, I’m never alone in this fight. So are you.

Good or bad? Right or wrong?

John Q is a father, a husband, and a worker. Though faced with debts and bills, everything seemed perfect to him for he has his family. But his life fell down into a deep hole the day they found out his child has a heart disease and must be operated soon, or else will die months, weeks, or days after. He and his wife did everything they could to give the doctors the down payment they said should be provided before their son’s name could be placed on the list of patients in need of heart donors. All the difficulties, exhaustion, time pressure, and lack of more sources of money resulted to John Q’s creation of a hostage crime.

If weighed, John’s decision wasn’t that wrong. Yes, it is bad to threaten people’s lives in exchange of what he wanted, but he only did what he thought would be good for his son. He just did what is right as a father who’s running out of options and time, and deeply loves his son, failing to realize the wrongness of his actions as a citizen.

The movie, too, shows the faulty system we have in the field of medicine. Doctors will not do anything unless families provide the sufficient amount of money they need for the operation. It’s all about the money, instead of the patients’ welfare. This, if only given attention, is the main cause of crimes committed by the needy.

In every little action

Do you play with plants you see? Take the leaves and flowers for no reason?

Don’t you participate in the Earth Hour?

Does your family burn your garbage?

Do you sleep with the lights on?

Do you let the TV turned on for a long time though you aren’t really watching?

Do you throw candy wrappers in the streets?

Do you leave your bottles and plastics in buses?

Do you let the water from the faucet flow though you aren’t using it?

Do you use an air conditioner though it isn’t too hot?

Don’t you stop your companion from littering?

If you have a bike, do you use it?

Do you prefer walking or riding vehicles when going someplace near?

Do you smoke?

These are just a few of the many things people do everyday that result to the gradual destruction of the Earth’s environment. Some are ignorant, but what hurts is the fact that most are aware; they just act like idiots, or worse, just completely shrug it off.

A very significant truth that human beings fail to realize is that everyone must contribute: cease from doing such faulty acts and begin to do those that will aid in the conservation of our home. Two heads have always been better than one. There may be 90% of the world’s total population that doesn’t do the actions listed above, but the 10% who does greatly affects the goodness of the former. It’s like a cup of water placed on a straightened palm. Incline it the slightest bit and the water will spill. The palm must be kept straight for the water not to be wasted. 90% is not enough, 100% is what the world needs.

If these don’t stop soon, who knows what will happen? We might wake up one day living in the worst place.. or having nowhere to live. In every little action, the Earth suffers little by little.