Another unheard soul

Each time I’m lonely, burdened, I listen to Heavy. Even when I’m not and I listen to it, I feel lonely and burdened. 

What if this song was Chester’s cry for help? It was released this May. His best friend died this May. He committed suicide at the day of his best friend’s birthday. 

People.. Please.. Talk to someone. Talk to anybody. Don’t keep your problems/feelings to yourselves. 

Don’t ever believe you have nobody. You may think it; the world may try to make you believe it; but don’t.

May you rest in peace, Chester Bennington.

Best Feeling 101

Be appreciated.


Be surrounded by amazing people.

Feel blessed.

Genuine smiles.

Hear people laugh.

Be loved.

Be treasured.


Pass any Physics activity.

Take pictures with my friends while we’re all wearing togas.

Be successful.

Be the best for someone.


Be thanked.

Watch movies.

Make people happy.

Spend time with kids.

Filled wallet.

Worst Feeling 101

You studied but the exam’s contents were different.

You were hurt but nobody knows.

You have lots of stories to tell but there’s no one to share them with.

You have an urgent call to the restroom but there’s a cockroach right in front of the door.

You pulled an all nighter because of loads of schoolworks then your class starts at seven on the following day.

Be left without a reason.

Be lied to.


Crying yourself to sleep.

Find it hard to forgive.

Wake up at exactly 3am.

Hold back the tears.

Act like you don’t give a sh*t about the person or the situation.