Watching films are my way of coping.


Not anymore

No more time to waste. No more hiding. If the right one comes along, I will not waste another moment nor run away from his reach. I will let myself feel freely.. love and be loved. Likewise, I'll do my best not to waste any opportunity to be with friends and family, to go to…

“You know there’s three and a half million girls here.” -Bucky/Sgt. James Barnes “Well, I’d settle for just one.” -Steven Rogers/Captain America And that, kids, is how I met your father. Hahaha! Rewatching just made me lurv you even more, Capt.

The things we do for other people that they do not know of is the true definition of ❤️ I strongly believe in this even before but Fight For My Way kind of made that spark light again.

One thing that both Agents of Shield and The Flash taught me is that I should stop living in the past. Everything that has happened before seems a lifetime away from me now. I can never take back anything I've said and done, especially those I haven't.