Please don’t

Took a nap just a while ago.

Dreamt of me hearing my father flirting on the phone. I stormed outside my room towards him in the living room. He didn’t notice me as his eyes were closed and was wearing earphones. I was enraged, more so because the setting was similar to the actual before I fell asleep — my mother and youngest sister asleep on the couches — yet he seemed confident he won’t wake them up and kept on talking. Though I already knew who it was on the other end, I grabbed his phone to look at the caller ID. It was a bit hard since along with the shock, his reflexes made him hold on to his phone.

I awakened.

No, please don’t let it be a warning, Lord. I don’t want it to happen to us.. again. I don’t want to go through it alone again. I don’t want to hold more grudges against him. I don’t want to forgive him again. Please.

What I learnt from the film, Begin Again:

Not everybody who wants.. deserves a chance. Not everybody who deserves.. is given a chance.

“If your sins are as big as a stream, His love and forgiveness is as big as the sea.”

“Tonight, we will not make noise. We will shout to the Lord with our loud voices and sincere hearts.”

“Jesus Christ never stops reaching to us. That’s why we shouldn’t stop coming back to Him.”

-Mass Presider and Worship Leader
Tear Down Walls
Liveloud Concert (Youth For Christ)
World Trade Center
June 12, 2015