To a few

Fast forward to years later, I hope we still talk and meet from time to time no matter where life leads us. Really. It's all I wish. At present, I still suck at showing people how much I value them, esp in making time to see them. 😕


Not anymore

No more time to waste. No more hiding. If the right one comes along, I will not waste another moment nor run away from his reach. I will let myself feel freely.. love and be loved. Likewise, I'll do my best not to waste any opportunity to be with friends and family, to go to…

Under the night sky

It's about time. Under the night sky.. At this hour.. At this place.. I'm making my decision. I'm letting him go. I'm letting go of my hopes. I'm letting go of the concept of "us." God knows how long I prayed and hoped. I think that's enough. This time, it's real. Friends, nothing more. I…


This friendship's making me realize how killjoy I am most times and how much better it is to just live, say yes, take risks, be happy.

‪Staying up late giving pillows to people you care about..  Pillows you need just as much. Still you decide to give them away.

There are lots of people I want to check out, help out, even just remind that they're not alone in their battles. Problem is, I don't have the courage to begin the conversation. 

Good food. Good game. Good company.

Jgh! It has been a long day. I spent half of my day in school: sitting in class, making announcements, gathering tickets for tomorrow's event, and disseminating information with our council president. We walked to and fro, went up and down, searched the whole university for people we have to speak with. It didn't end…

Start the year right

Being with my high school friends, Maggots, on the last weekend of Christmas break definitely was a period well-spent. Tricia's family decided on celebrating her debut at Spring Ville Resort, Pansol, Calamba, Laguna. Three things made my heart leap in excitement when she invited me: It is a Hawaiian-themed pool party. We'll be staying overnight.…