Start your day with music and it will surely be a good one.

One Day More

Les Miserables is the best movie I have ever watched. It makes me cry more than thrice each time I do watch. Tears caused by good movies are tears worth shedding. It serves as an evidence that your heart and soul were touched deeply. It most certainly proves that you got the message they were trying to tell you.

It is a movie filled with pain and hope, endings and beginnings, fear and courage, mistakes and lessons, injustices and mercy, loss and victory, hatred and love, and most of all, faith. It teaches us that the amount of sufferings we go through must be our motivation to go on with life. It may be raining now, but remember, it doesn’t rain forever. Giving up and giving in should be our last options. Tomorrow is always another day. We may not know what it holds, but we must worry not, for the rewards are greater than one could ever imagine.