Sight is the most precious thing to me. Whenever asked which of the five senses I would be alright living without, sight isn’t even in the choices.

Watching this video made me decide right then and there that when I have enough money, I will donate glasses or caah to people who were born colorblind or blind.

It just isn’t fair. It’s unfair that they don’t get to see, appreciate, and be in awe of God’s wonderful creations. They cannot not see this beauty.. this marvelous world we’re in.

I vow to do so.

“We are not meant to live a life of worry and anxiety about where assistance will come from. No! We are to rise, each day, with confidence and joy because we know that our help comes from the Lord.”

There are lots of people I want to check out, help out, even just remind that they’re not alone in their battles. Problem is, I don’t have the courage to begin the conversation.