Room that comforts

The hardest part about crying in the bathroom isn't when you sit on the toilet for the longest time nor when you place your hand on your mouth to avoid making any noise; it's when you think you're already okay but you get up seeing your swollen eyes and damp cheeks in the mirror.. And…


Funny how the things you want are within reach but can't do anything.. How you want to admit the truth but have to resist.. How sometimes things just don't work out the way you want it to.

I'm just grateful for tints, blushes, and lipsticks that help conceal dull, sick, lonely faces of girls who are either ill or having a bad day.

Say it

I told you how I felt. What you don't know is I still do, but that doesn't matter anymore. I just want to hear you say the words. Anything, as long as it's the truth. If you're done, no worries, I'll be done soon. I'll be fine soon.

Why can’t they resist cheating?

The question, "Why do people cheat?", is so common I'm rewording it. I understand the top reasons why they do but I really need to know why they can't. Are their families or partners not enough reason not to? Do they think of their children, of the people that will be affected, of the consequences…

The things we do for other people that they do not know of is the true definition of ❤️ I strongly believe in this even before but Fight For My Way kind of made that spark light again.

‪Can't forget the way you looked at me that night. Your eyes seem to tell me how much you still love me. And that, my dear, is what makes me fall deeper. ‬

You Don’t Know

Sad, you don't know how much I need you right now.. how much I want to be with you right now.. how much I long for your arms to be around me..  how much I've loved you.. how much I still do.. Sad, you don't know any of this.