“We all have our own challenges ahead of us. It’s how you respond to these challenges which will define you.” -Wil Dasovich

This is one of those nights

This is one of those nights when I just can't stop thinking, worrying, and suddenly explode into tears I've been trying to hold back for far too long.  It's just so hard. Worse, I have no one to talk to about all these. I know there are lots of good souls willing to listen, but…

‪I love long walks in the busy city streets early in the morning. But sometimes I wish there'd be anyone who will walk in front of me and assure me reality's better than the world inside my head.

‪There are times that no matter how hard you convince yourself to stop, a part of you will always keep on hoping. ‬

Another Year

Last September 5, I was so busy, tensed, hyped, but not because it was my day but because it was another day to finish, submit, and defend our thesis. The whole team spent the night at my best friend's house, which was usual to the PB's. But in spite of the loads of work to…