Maybe not

Maybe one day, all these thoughts will be reality. Maybe not with the person I’m imagining at present, but surely with the right person.

This in itself soothes me.

I just really can’t control my mind. Us getting another chance in this lifetime is next to impossible anymore, but I can’t stop myself. I keep on creating happy memories I know might never happen.

And that’s okay. I’ll hold on to the thought that it might not.. not with him.. But with the person written in God’s plans, it surely will.

I think I can settle on this for now.

When someone said s/he would like to travel back in time, not to change things, but to feel a few things twice.

darn, I felt that.

There are photos that make you smile and think, “This happened? ☺️ At least this happened”

december six

he tore down bricks

put off lit matchsticks

fought all critics

as the camera clicks

he remembered all the pics

thinking of memories mixed

now that the clock ticks

the question sticks

can it still be fixed?

One thing that both Agents of Shield and The Flash taught me is that I should stop living in the past. Everything that has happened before seems a lifetime away from me now. I can never take back anything I’ve said and done, especially those I haven’t. 

: ( :

When I see pictures of people I don’t talk to anymore,

my mind brings me back to all the precious moments spent with them.

Then I remember the former part.

Wall of Memories

The latter I put in frames and hung on the walls.

Here are some of the frames’ contents:

*in no particular order


Oh, I forgot her name. Little girl I played with whilst at Jazz’s house.


Santacruzan. First (and hopefully the last) time to join.


Received consecutive gift certificates on the year’s second half. Blessings poured in rectangular form.


My former roommates gave me this. Ate Karen stressed the importance of time during her speech.


Everyone’s aware that I love giving letters to people, yet oblivious of the fact that I love receiving, too. Luckily, Sahlee realized it and made me this.


Sick of being four-eyed and looking like a nerd. Grey-eyed Athena for a change.


Letters given to me and slipped inside my small envelope during the Youth Camp.


Guest list, cards, letters, tags.. name it.


Cute eye mask. A Christmas present from our thoughtful roommate.


Last visit to the dentist and first attempt to take covert selfies.


With Aida and Camille, sweet orphans at Gabay Foundation, Angono, Rizal.


Elmeritzzy twins, our cuddle buddies. Gone is my mannerism ever since Vian gave her to me.


Dancing lights at Ayala Triangle. Eyes sparkled and ears flapped.. again.


Two different colors. Two different symbols. Two different stories.


First book I actually had. I love to read but I never got the chance to have my own. Couldn’t be less grateful.


Too much pressure on my part. Did everyone who had this all became pros?


Student Catholic Action’s blue day. Le pictorial.


Japan Japan. Kawaii. World peace, yo.


Went to Manila Boys Town for NSTP. First roadtrip with 2B.


“Finishing her requirements with style” was the caption my friend placed on his twitter account.

Camera 360

First debut I attended. Well, technically, second. So, first to attend looking presentable. That’s more factual.


Seven years after. Cool, right? This deserves a major throwback award.


A sister who graduated on the left and a proud ate on the right.


Four girls. One room. Twelve months. A bond nothing can ever cut.


School orgs I’m currently into. Hard to balance yet fun-filled.


The best people in college. Need I say more?


THE blue Samsung Galaxy Core. Bragging aside, I consider it my best phone. Received as a reward for good grades. Gave away a day after my birthday.


A frustration my sister gratified.


Mouth zipped. Tongue tied.


Lumino shirt. Glows in the dark. YFC’s Regional Conference a.k.a. StarCon. Star stands for Southern TAgalog Region, which will forever be the best acronym I ever knew.


Selfies on Christmas eve. Photobombed by my dearest sib.


She’s not drunk, just tired of my very humorous jokes.. or my mere existence? Kidding. Ever comfy at Vian’s house. Doodle here and there.


Twins + twins + twins. Is that even possible in the real world?


My babies! Kids Camp at Risen Christ Church.


Interviewed an employee for compliance’s sake, but enjoyed the rewards.


The day I wrote my name on the paper that signifies my willingness to become a Youth For Christ.


With my partner (also our term of endearment), MCs for the Peer Facilitators’ Phases 1 & 2 Training in Antipolo.


PE 12 Culminating Activity. Move your body, move your body~


Two surprises in one day. I think I’ve opened my eyes real wide and have said “awww” a few times more than the average.


PE 13 C.A. *Insert attacking scene from the movie “300”*


One of the best outfits I have worn photos taken wearing nice outfits.


KTV. All expenses paid by the birthday girl, Pau. Great night. So looking forward for another song book to hold.


I didn’t remember this happened until I saw this picture. Nope! I didn’t do that! Only guilty for taking this photo. Won’t drop names for their friendship’s sake.


Moonlight Serenade. A night where purple was proven to be the best color.


JS Prom on Valentines’ Day. Period.


Message in a medicine capsule. Given to some of my closest friends from my sister’s batch on the day of their graduation.


Surprise! For my sister this time. Met her college friends, too.