Not anymore

No more time to waste. No more hiding. If the right one comes along, I will not waste another moment nor run away from his reach. I will let myself feel freely.. love and be loved.

Likewise, I’ll do my best not to waste any opportunity to be with friends and family, to go to places I’ve never been, and to do things I rarely do or I’ve never done. Tomorrow is never promised.

It’s very timely that I was able to watch this movie that made realize all these on the month of love. Thank you, Can’t Help Falling In Love.


“You know there’s three and a half million girls here.” -Bucky/Sgt. James Barnes

“Well, I’d settle for just one.” -Steven Rogers/Captain America

And that, kids, is how I met your father. Hahaha!

Rewatching just made me lurv you even more, Capt.

3 Idiots

Two years ago, the first and best Bollywood movie was introduced to our class by our Com Skills 12 professor. Here is the film review that I submitted a day after.

Ma. Hyacinth C. Estidola                March 5, 2013
BS PSY 1B                Com Skills 12

3 Idiots

This is the most illuminating and most inspiring movie I’ve seen so far. Impossible as it may seem, it contains lessons concerning almost every facet of life. It began with the matter of indecent execution of power. Students in higher levels make freshmen do ridiculous actions on their first night in school as a form of showing respect to them; Professor Viru gives wrongful charges along with calling or writing to the parents of students whose attitude he does not like. Maddening, it is. But sadly, most could not do anything other than following and accepting. Another is regarding the former matter’s most terrible result: students commit suicide. The movie had made it clear that the most common cause of that act is blurred thoughts due to mounting problems they’re suffering from, be it the heartless professors or their families’ expectations.

Writing on this sheet of paper would be inadequate if I will enumerate every moral I learnt from this film. However, if I am to be asked what the best subject was, my answer would definitely be about making decisions which will lead to the pursuit of our own dreams. We should not live out others’ aspirations. Strive to be the best because you want to become the best, not because other people want you to.

“You don’t have to chase success. Achieve excellence and let success chase you.”

was one of the motivating lines of the main protagonist. Regrets are always the last thing you will realize. Listen to what your heart is telling you. Follow where your feet are taking you. Think about your passion. Improve it; Become the best out of it. In the end, it will and always be yourself who will be the happiest. Remember: What you sow, you shall reap.


Escape from Polygamy

“Look, I’m not saying I don’t believe in God. I just don’t think I should believe in people.” -Ryder

“Hey, super spy. Don’t come to the window.” -Ryder

“There won’t be any other wives.” -Ryder

“God will take care of you, no matter what happens.” -Julina

“Julina must give birth to a new prophet, one you’ll never be.” -Prophet Ervil

“Nobody thinks here!” -Julina

“You came back into my life. You’re a sign!” -Michael

“I’m here if you need me.” -guy from Hope Organization

“My mother used to call us the ‘given twins.'” -Alice

“Be good, neighbors, for the Lord sees all.” -Prophet Ervil and Julina’s stepdad

“God saved you, Julina.” -Leann/Mom
“You did.” -Julina

-Ryder, Julina, Prophet Ervil, Michael, guy from Hope Organization, Alice, Julina’s stepdad, Leann/Mom; Escape from Polygamy


The Hangover

“To a night the four of us will never forget.” -Phil

“Oh, I’m sorry. How did he die?” -Phil
“World War II.” -Allen
“Died in a battle?” -Phil
“No, he was skiing in Vermont. It was just the era of World War II.” -Allen

“You are literally too stupid to insult.” -Stu

“Don’t let the beard fool you. He’s a child.” -Stu

“When I woke up on the roof, I happened to find 8,000 dollars worth of Bellagio chips in my pocket.” -Doug

“We’ll look at these pictures together, okay? One time. And then we delete the evidence.” -Doug

-Phil, Allen, Stu, Doug; The Hangover