Hearing, “Ate, gusto ko magmed,” (Translation: Sister, I want to study medicine) this morning just instantly shifted my life’s direction.

It’s a dream I’ve never let go; just put on hold. Now, it’s my sister’s dream, too. I’m so glad I have a set timeline for that dream of mine (plan B and plan C I’ve well thought of for a long time). I’m also glad she knows what she wants now (at the age of 13).

But it’s confusing me because hearing those words both set my plans straight-er and at the same time collapsed mine. Confusing, right? Hahaha.

Now, I can’t help thinking if it’s something I should add to the drawing or if I should throw away the first and draw on a new, blank page.

Now’s the perfect time to use that big brain of yours. Everything’s at stake. Be wise in every single decision you’ll make next.

Good or bad? Right or wrong?

John Q is a father, a husband, and a worker. Though faced with debts and bills, everything seemed perfect to him for he has his family. But his life fell down into a deep hole the day they found out his child has a heart disease and must be operated soon, or else will die months, weeks, or days after. He and his wife did everything they could to give the doctors the down payment they said should be provided before their son’s name could be placed on the list of patients in need of heart donors. All the difficulties, exhaustion, time pressure, and lack of more sources of money resulted to John Q’s creation of a hostage crime.

If weighed, John’s decision wasn’t that wrong. Yes, it is bad to threaten people’s lives in exchange of what he wanted, but he only did what he thought would be good for his son. He just did what is right as a father who’s running out of options and time, and deeply loves his son, failing to realize the wrongness of his actions as a citizen.

The movie, too, shows the faulty system we have in the field of medicine. Doctors will not do anything unless families provide the sufficient amount of money they need for the operation. It’s all about the money, instead of the patients’ welfare. This, if only given attention, is the main cause of crimes committed by the needy.