“A lot of the times, I write songs about nostalgia.. and a lot of memories. I like to go back over memories. I use songs almost like photographs, so that I can go back and remember a time and remember exactly what it was like to experience it.” -Taylor Swift #CityOfLover

Second fave Lauv song lyrics that’s perfect for today’s walk down memory lane:

There’s a room in my heart with the memories we made. Took ’em down but they’re still in their frames. There’s no way I could ever forget~

Crash Landing On You E12


Wrong trains..

Strangers meeting unknowingly..

So close but so far..

Helping each other unknowingly..

Has it been like that with the person I’m destined to be with since then? Have I met him sometime ago or maybe not long ago?

Will we meet again.. just at the right time? If so, then I don’t mind boarding wrong trains and getting lost for a while.

As long as life will one day lead me to you. No matter how many turns and bumps, as long as I know I’m on my way to you and you’re on your way to me.


If life wasn’t this complicated, I would’ve gone that road. Life did try to lead me there for a while.

I feel for those who can relate to Koe No Katachi (A Silent Voice). I sincerely hope watching this film helped you in any way, guys.

“Everyone goes through difficulties in life. But we’re all in the same boat, aren’t we?” -Kawai