“If you don’t have any confrontation within the group, then your followers are not telling you the truth.”

-Mr. Johanson Tiu, Speaker
Phase 2 Seminar (Peer Facilitators)
CEU Mendiola
February 26, 2014


How do you define the Peer Facilitator experience?


The Peer Facilitators Program has been helping me in different ways since day one. I learnt how to deal with my weaknesses and improve where I should. I was given the opportunity to act as the bridge between the Guidance Staff and students, assisting colleagues in problems such as in academics. I am constantly reminded that to be a good leader or model, one should have integrity, no matter what you do or where you are. They honed my interpersonal skills, which is certainly useful in my future profession and life itself. I was able to do things I never imagined I could. And, it was here where I gained a new family who relieves the stress I’m getting from schoolwork and makes college life so much better. Words aren’t enough to express the knowledge and joy I am receiving from being a Peer Facilitator.

Junior Immersion: Educational Setting

I have been thinking it would be better if we visited a different campus, until the event began and I fell silent. There couldn’t have been any place better than ours, which I realized as I sat inside the Psychology Laboratory on February 2, 2015. Ms. Joane Regaspi, Student Development Staff (SDS) of Psychology, started off with familiarizing us with the Guidance staff of Makati, along with the complete organizational chart. She also stated its mission, vision, and the goal which is to facilitate the success of all students in their personal/emotional, social, and academic development.

The qualities and job descriptions of a Registered Guidance Counselor, a Psychometrician, and a Student Development Staff were tackled by Ms. Teresa Fatima Brailey, SDS of Medical Technology and Nursing. She reiterated this as often as she could, “Confidentiality is very important.” Ms. Regaspi talked about the Guidance and Counseling Section’s Services for Students, the sample modules, and their Testing Services. She noted that “Counseling is the heart of the guidance office.”

Ms. Brailey introduced CEU Makati’s Placement Services before giving the floor to Ms. Jacosalem. Personally, I liked this topic best. I found it very beneficial to every student. It feels good knowing our university won’t let us step out without assuring we can already stand on our own feet. Ms. Janine Jacosalem, Peer Moderator, discussed the Special Programs, beginning with the Peer Facilitators Program. We, PFs, were asked to state what is unique about the program we are in. Then, its philosophy, qualifications, specific function, and activities were explained to everyone. Other topics like dependencies, research, and collaborative services were briefly stated by Ms. Carmy, SDS of Pharmacy.

To further promote the educational field as our future endeavor, Ms. Brailey shared the perks of working in academe with us. First is it will make you look and feel young. Second, due to the wide scope of services, work is not “routinary.” Third, the students’ vacation period is yours, too. Fourth, you can study for free in the campus you will work for.