I was so right when I said I will miss my guy friend when he already finds a special someone.


Maybe not

Maybe one day, all these thoughts will be reality. Maybe not with the person I'm imagining at present, but surely with the right person. This in itself soothes me. I just really can't control my mind. Us getting another chance in this lifetime is next to impossible anymore, but I can't stop myself. I keep…

Truly, no matter how long and how much you prepare for people who are leaving, the pain's still the same.

Please don’t

Took a nap just a while ago. Dreamt of me hearing my father flirting on the phone. I stormed outside my room towards him in the living room. He didn't notice me as his eyes were closed and was wearing earphones. I was enraged, more so because the setting was similar to the actual before…

When someone said s/he would like to travel back in time, not to change things, but to feel a few things twice. darn, I felt that.

Reminder: "Everybody is just winging it. There's no perfect recipe to success." Dang, Monday morning and these dj's have very accurate life lessons.