I’m a rock.
Go ahead and sear me.
I won’t budge an inch, because I’m a rock.
Go ahead and beat me up. I’m a solid rock.
Go ahead and leave me in the dark. I’m a rock that will shine all alone.
I don’t break, ash, nor decay as I go against nature’s way.
I survive.
I’m a diamond.

The Power of Mindset

Nah, it’s not garbage advice. This saying can also mean the same as “facing” it.

Fake the joy when you’re sad. You’ll eventually feel happy.

Fake the courage when you’re scared/weak. You’ll eventually feel brave.

Fake it ’til you make it. I’ve overcome a lot by keeping this in my mind.

Listen to this career hack!


“If somebody is worth your currency, spend it.” -Carla Harris, on How to find the person who can help you get ahead at work; TED Talks Daily

“You can survive a long time in your career without a mentor, but you are not going to ascend in any organization without a sponsor… You should ask yourself regularly, ‘who’s carrying my paper into the room?'” -Carla Harris; TED Talks Daily