Sacrificing the present for the future. Hang tight, ok?



What’s funny is this is happening.. again.. only that I’m braver now, more mature now, more prepared to face this, and much more willing to do anything in my power just to stop it. How I wish I’m also number now, but it hurts much more than before. I never thought this could happen. Surprise…

Why can’t they resist cheating?

The question, "Why do people cheat?", is so common I'm rewording it. I understand the top reasons why they do but I really need to know why they can't. Are their families or partners not enough reason not to? Do they think of their children, of the people that will be affected, of the consequences…

"Christmas and Calvary are inseparable." -Mass Presider last night at Binmaley Church As we celebrate His birth, let us also be reminded of the sacrifice that He has done to save all humanity. Thank you and happy birthday, Papa Jesus! We love you.