Four years


Recognition Day '11, Junior High School, University of Perpetual Help System - GMA

Four years ago, we stood there proud and accomplished. Four years later, we don’t even know what’s happening in each other’s lives. 💔


Wonderful head start

The first two days of this school year have been nothing but wonderful!

The funny thing is I expected the exact opposite. My clinical uniforms — worn only by seniors — were still at the tailor’s shop the weekend before classes resumed. I didn’t have white rubber shoes and school supplies yet. We haven’t paid for my dormitory’s monthly charge (for the month of May). I didn’t want to leave home too soon. I didn’t want to be an independent student, alone in the city, again. I didn’t like what my roommate did weeks ago, so I definitely didn’t want to see her yet. I wasn’t prepared for my final year in school. I didn’t want this most stressful year to begin. I felt sad each time I remembered this will be “the last.” My right arm muscles were aching so bad the night before the first day. I was scared that we’d defend research titles on day 1 alike the past semester. And, I didn’t have the guts to face the worst case scenario: that I may not receive academic scholarship grant on this  f i n a l  y e a r. I already accepted that this would be my worst first day/first week.

God works in wonderful ways, that I once again have proven today. He filled these past few days with whew’s, yes!, and hahaha! My uniforms fit so well. Mom let me buy all necessary things before heading to the dormitory. I was able to pay the fee. My friends and I chatted and laughed ’til our eyes began to form tears. I now feel ready for senior year.. the struggles, the stress, all the inevitable. I took medicine to relieve the muscle pain on the first day and manage to shoo the thought away and go on with what I’m doing each time it aches. My Undergraduate Research schedule was moved to a different day. I computed the wrong set of grades! My scholarship was granted just an hour ago.

This afternoon, I also had trouble with the copy of my grades. I spent hours trying to get it from my parents thru email but failed. When I was about to give up and go with the last and most dreadful option, I received the copy. Yes, right there and then. Someone from up above even whispered to my guy friends when I was alone sitting and trying to figure out what to do. He let me chat with them and talk about different things that diverted my emotions from disappointed and worried to calm and happy.

Isn’t He amazing? Right when I felt hopeless and was dying inside did He tap my shoulder to remind me that He will not let those happen. Here I am now singing and dancing as I listen to my old playlists, enjoying the solidarity, truly grateful for having a wonderful head start.

3 Idiots

Two years ago, the first and best Bollywood movie was introduced to our class by our Com Skills 12 professor. Here is the film review that I submitted a day after.

Ma. Hyacinth C. Estidola                March 5, 2013
BS PSY 1B                Com Skills 12

3 Idiots

This is the most illuminating and most inspiring movie I’ve seen so far. Impossible as it may seem, it contains lessons concerning almost every facet of life. It began with the matter of indecent execution of power. Students in higher levels make freshmen do ridiculous actions on their first night in school as a form of showing respect to them; Professor Viru gives wrongful charges along with calling or writing to the parents of students whose attitude he does not like. Maddening, it is. But sadly, most could not do anything other than following and accepting. Another is regarding the former matter’s most terrible result: students commit suicide. The movie had made it clear that the most common cause of that act is blurred thoughts due to mounting problems they’re suffering from, be it the heartless professors or their families’ expectations.

Writing on this sheet of paper would be inadequate if I will enumerate every moral I learnt from this film. However, if I am to be asked what the best subject was, my answer would definitely be about making decisions which will lead to the pursuit of our own dreams. We should not live out others’ aspirations. Strive to be the best because you want to become the best, not because other people want you to.

“You don’t have to chase success. Achieve excellence and let success chase you.”

was one of the motivating lines of the main protagonist. Regrets are always the last thing you will realize. Listen to what your heart is telling you. Follow where your feet are taking you. Think about your passion. Improve it; Become the best out of it. In the end, it will and always be yourself who will be the happiest. Remember: What you sow, you shall reap.