“Thank God for what’s happening right now. It may not be good, but thank God.”


Joy of putting smiles on people’s faces

On the 15th of March 2014, the class went to Punta, Sta. Ana for our community immersion. The afternoon did not begin well for some of us. There was the problem with the time we can pick up the food, time everyone was able to leave the school premises, and us not acquainted of the exact location. I myself wasn’t in the mood to entertain the participants when we arrived. But as I stood in front of them, I looked at each and everyone and realized I should set all the negativities aside. There I already was; I must carry out everything I planned to do for the day.

The attendees composed of elders, young mothers, two teenagers who already have kids, a man, and a few children they brought with them. April, Sayaka, and I asked both the participants and the whole class to give short information about ourselves, while the registration committee began roaming around. Then I led the opening prayer. The getting-to-know activity entitled “Ang Pinaka” is my favorite part. We grouped them into two and gave them the instructions. I thought it would not go well, but the entertainment parts we spontaneously added resulted to a lot of smiling, laughing, and clapping. Everybody enjoyed, that I am very sure of.

The short discussion about climate change, its causes and effects, and proper waste management followed. The last parts were the game on sorting the written garbage on their appropriate groups (Biodegradable, Non-biodegradable, Recyclable) and the group sharing. Sir Jonathan led the closing prayer, then the accommodation and food committees assisted the participants as they went out. While preparing the food, an elder woman gestured for me to come closer. She told me about how great the children of this generation are. She said her grandchild is being taught well by his/her parents. The child is the one who’s reminding her not to throw her trash anywhere. She seems to be so proud and I couldn’t be less happier.

We are very fortunate to have experienced this kind of activity. The attendees were just amazing. I did not expect them to be very participative all throughout. Overjoyed, the three of us even hugged tightly and congratulated one another. Being a facilitator isn’t a joke; The success of the program was all up to us. We had huge roles so we’re very delighted we were able to make all of them happy. We took pictures with everyone to treasure the last moments we have at that place. The program may be too short, but it will certainly leave a mark in our minds and hearts for a lifetime.