Random moments when the conversations flow freely.. Rants, secrets, problems.. They're all out without second thoughts. It just feels so good. These are moments I rarely realize I need until they happen.


This is too much.

Maybe not

Maybe one day, all these thoughts will be reality. Maybe not with the person I'm imagining at present, but surely with the right person. This in itself soothes me. I just really can't control my mind. Us getting another chance in this lifetime is next to impossible anymore, but I can't stop myself. I keep…

"It is better to be silent and thought a fool, than to speak and remove all doubt!" -Abraham Lincoln

Not New Year’s Resolutions, just new day realizations

Less complaints, more actions Situations I can't control, I'll let be. If there are work left unfinished past 8PM, then there are. (Discipline on both work-life balance and efficiency) Tweet about negative thoughts and feelings less. It only lets the emotions linger and gives others a peek. Two watches, cellphone, laptop.. Be mindful of the…